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IFRS Reporting

Many of the world's leading economies are converging onto one similar or identical standard of international financial reporting. This places a great premium on high-level expertise in understanding how these standards will evolve, as well as in the varying interpretations and implementations at national level.

The pros and cons of converting completely to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) need to be weighed seriously, and considered in light of your field of activity and financial situation.

Our approach to all audit and advisory services is business-driven and hands-on. Accordingly we believe sound advice comes from experienced audit professionals who know and understand your business. Without day-to-day involvement in audit field work, this cannot happen.

At the same time, we feel comfortable handling the most complex aspects of today's IFRS environment because we invest heavily in our professionals’ continuing education in international reporting standards.Moreover, all our audit teams have permanent access to a support group of highly specialized professionals, many of them leading IFRS experts in their relevant jurisdictions.